Bilingual Mental Healthcare

It’s time to face a hard truth. Mental healthcare was not designed for everyone. Existing care ignores native languages. MindBalance puts language first.

Placing language at the center of therapy

Most traditional care and mental healthcare apps lack cultural and language inclusivity, making them ineffective. MindBalance delivers culturally sensitive, bilingual, effective care for African, underserved communities.

Easy access with no waitlist

Strong, measurable treatments

Community connections


We eliminate trial-and-error

Using our proprietary algorithm and incorporating data, we analyze and compare patient’s cultural, demographic, and health data in MindBalance and connect them based on similarities that go beyond medical conditions.


We break language barriers to mental healthcare  


Clinically shown to be more effective than traditional based therapy models. Our bilingual and cultural sensitive mental healthcare providers meets the needs of underserved African communities by understanding their needs and story.


Using data driven models, we reduce misdiagnosis and under diagnosis of mental illness. This results in better clinical treatments and outcomes for underserved African communities.


A continuous support for the duration of your plan through anonymous peer to peer counselling clinically proven to treat mental health issues through chat based support. Continuous support means care is always a chat away.


Effective care for ethnically diverse communities

Traditional conventional care
Bilingual mental healthcare providers
Continuous mental healthcare support
Personalized, measurable treatment
24/7 virtual care
Not likely
Quick matching system
Not likely
Track clinical improvement
Culturally sensitive care
Not likely

You deserve to be understood, especially in therapy

Our approach goes beyond traditional therapy and telehealth. With a language and cultural focus, we create a safe space people can show up as they are.

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